Meet Mikki

Mikaylah Norfolk, Founder of We Rise Up 4 Kids, started this foundation at just 8 years of age, after her own experience with bullying escalated and changed her life forever. Mikaylah has been an overcomer since she was born at 29 weeks and spent 2 months in the NICU fighting for her life. Her keen sense of intelligence, witty personality, love for all human kind, and regal presence naturally draw people to her. Mikaylah is a member of the swim team, a ballet dancer, and an avid art lover with an appreciation for nature. She is passionate about the impact that litter has on the community and is committed to cleaning as many areas of the community as possible so kids have a safe place to play.

Mikaylah's Head Shot.jpg

Mikaylah has a passion for others and was determined to turn this tremendous trial that unexpectedly derailed her life into a victorious opportunity to help others who have been impacted by the effects of bullying. After 8 months of physical therapy, cognitive behavioral play therapy targeting the trauma she experienced, seeing multiple specialists, and enduring a couple of procedures, she began to see the light at the end of the tunnel as her healing became more evident. Having the heart that she does and recognizing the things that helped her make it through, it made sense to her to establish an organization that afforded other young people who have been victims of bullying the opportunity to detach from the troubles that they are experience and engage in activities that enhance & promote their well-being while offering them an escape from the negativity. It is her sincere hope that We Rise Up 4 Kids will inspire youth to continue pushing through despite their circumstances, recognizing that they are not alone and what they have experienced will not endure forever.

Mikaylah is a member of Shalom Church (City of Peace) where she has received a tremendous amount of love and support her entire life. At 5 years of age, Mikaylah desired to be baptized and she has a passion for learning and applying Biblical teachings in every area of her life. She believes that everyone deserves to be treated with love and respect and is intentional about making all whom she comes in contact with know that they are valued and welcomed. As a member of Shalom, she is actively involved in the Next Generation Ministry and from 2-6 years of age she participated as a member of the Praise Dance Ministry. Mikaylah enjoys taking ballet through Center of Creative Arts (COCA) and is truly inspired by Misty Copeland. She has read books and researched all that she could find related to Misty’s journey, as she envisions what her own journey could look like. Mikaylah absolutely loves participating as a member of the Bellefontaine Community Center Swim Team and hopes to make it to the Olympics. She has been enamored with Simone Manuel since she saw her win in the recent 2016 Olympics and continues to follow the news that details her amazing journey. Mikaylah’s dream is to meet Misty and Simone one day. Mikaylah enjoys reading books and some of her favorite books are: Junie B. Jones, Judy Blume, Keena Ford, anything about African American who have done amazing things! Mikaylah loves spending time with friends, watching YouTube videos of Baby Alive and LOL dolls, playing with baby dolls and Barbies, roller skating, hanging with her parents, and watching JoJo Siwa’s YouTube Channel. As a self-proclaimed diva, no matter what Mikaylah is doing, she is sure to be dressed fashionably!

Through the blessing of 5 grandparents and a host of other supporters which includes family members, her Pastor, church members, and a multitude of friends, Mikaylah has continued to thrive and looks forward to the new experiences that await her along her journey.